Product Description

The Mix’nJoy will be designed as a vending machine that has the ability to mix/shake fresh beverages and cocktails.

As opposed to conventional vending machines, the Mix’nJoy will also provide the users with custom beverages, where the user determines the amount of each ingredient in his/her beverage.

Its stored beverage line-up can change according to the place where it would be used, which makes Mix’nJoy a very versatile product.

With its user-friendly design and hygienic interior, the Mix’nJoy is planned for use in homes, gyms, bars, schools, virtually every public place that has thirsty people.

Physical Characteristics

• The Mix’nJoy should have a size around a standard vending machine:

o Height: 1700mm

o Width: 540mm

o Depth: 690mm

• When fully loaded, the weight of the machine must be below 190kg, which is the weight of a snack vending machine when fully loaded. o Weight < 190kg

• The exterior of the machine must be able to attract the target customers with an appealing appearance, representing the “Joy” theme of the product.