Special Receips

Lovers Drink!

4 shots vodka

300 ml cranberry juice

4-6 Real Strawberry

10-12 Real Grape

As much as necessary Ice

First you need a shaker! Then you add the Cranberry Juice, Vodka! Shake it! Then add the grapes and strawberries! Mix it! Finally add as much as Ice as necessary! Enjoy! P.S. This is for two people

Absolut Madam

2 parts Absolut Citron

1 part Bols Melon Liqueur

1 part Lime/Lemon Liqueur

desired amount mango syrup

Shake all ingredients with crushed ice and serve in a long drink glass. Garnish with a lime spiral, an orange wedge and mint leaves.

Samurai Swan Song

1 part sake

1 part black sake

2 parts Green tea

1 part Soy sauce

Brew green tea, add in the sake and soy sauce. Serve hot, in a traditional sake cup garnished with a tiny bit of wasabi.

Best drank while watching old samurai movies. Or when you're so drunk you just don't care.

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