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What is the goal of S&D?

As criminal events have been increasing in today's world, the main focus point of the humanity has changed. Maintainly, we do not care anything more than ourselves' and relative's safety. People start to product and use safer cars and health care methods.However, there are many criminal problems that still make the world in danger. One of the most fatal threat which make most of the people is personal armaments. People get used to see, witness or at least read about the accidental or criminal cases in their daily lives.

The USA example could be a very good proves for this issue. The statistical numbers show how the personal armament is affecting the world we live in: About 14% of child victimizers carried a weapon during the violent crime, compared to nearly 1/2 of those who victimized adults. With at least one gun in nearly half the households in the country, with two-thirds of our teenagers reporting they could get a gun in an hour, with virtually every kid exposed to vivid movie and television scenarios legitimizing violence, we live in dangerous times. As the usage of guns are increasing, we need a solution of safety for guns and thats why we are happy to announce our new product:RFID tag implemented on the Guns