Make Me UP!

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MakeMeUp kiosk is a revolutionary solution for customers sampling cosmetics in store. Issues of hygiene and coherence are no longer a limiting factor and ladies can enjoy unheard of freedom and speed in their shopping experience.The kiosk was developed with camera and barcode scanner support and control of lightning.Ladies will be photographed from the kiosk unit and they will comfortably try the make up products just getting in front of it. After showing the make up products to barcode scanner, Make up process come into being and they will behold the new magic touched faces of in the Kiosk Screen. The device will satisfy the needs of the customers and will present the new fun multimedia makeover experience for customers.

Make Me Up is a device that processes by changing the pixel values of wanted face regions. It does this by 2 RGB cameras, 2 IR Sensors,1 Barcode scanner,1 CPU with end technology operating system, 1 Screen and a software program.

The RGB cameras will take the colored image of face. According to the data that comes from IR sensors, the device will create 3D mapping of face with it’s regions and the software will create 3D rendering of the face. Customer will be able to see his/her face with 180° of view. While that process if the user scans the product by helping barcode scanner, the process will start. From the data that will come from barcode scanner will match the data, which was already implemented to the database and it will take the pixel values of the specific Make Up product. The pixel values will be changed with the pixel values of the customer’s face, which are already taken from RGB cameras.

After these processes the software will hold the images at it’s database and the customer will be able to see what are the processed images and the first neutral image that was taken from cameras. Thus will help customer to compare whether the product fits her face or not.

Also thus will help Make Up Companies to hold the data, which products are in demand by looking the history database of the tried make up products.

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