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About Insist

Our company was founded in 2012 in order to design and develop a technology, named Crashbox, which is a crash investigator and report generator system that provides reliable data about accident.

About Crashbox

Crashbox technology measures the impact of the accident and notifies related emergency services if it judges that the accident is serious enough. This technology notifies the emergency immediately, and with GPS coordinates, it pinpoints the accident area.

Crashbox Features

Crashbox has many sensors and cameras set up on the vehicle in order to detect the accident. Especially, the acceleration sensor, namely the G-sensor, is used to detect the accident. Additional data which will be collected in case of an accident includes GPS data, images and videos from numerous cameras set up on the vehicle

Simulation Application

Simulation applications provides insurance companies analyze data and evaluate result of accident efficiently, simulation application can show every details about accident. Simulation program includes information about accident date, accident time, and coordination of accident, final speed of car before accident and final direction of the car.

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