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Crashbox technology measures the impact of the accident and notifies related emergency services if it judges that the accident is serious enough.

In present state, it is very difficult to analyze an accident due to insufficient and/or false data. This causes misjudgments and drivers can be charged undeservedly by insurance companies and by the police department. Also, in traffic accidents people can be permanently injured or even die due to late arrival of emergency aid. Especially in rural areas, it is not likely to have an eyewitness at the scene of the accident; and even if there is any, it can be hard to explain where the accident has happened. This technology notifies the emergency immediately, and with GPS coordinates, it pinpoints the accident area.

This technology has many sensors and cameras set up on the vehicle in order to detect the accident. Especially, the acceleration sensor, namely the G-sensor, is used to detect the accident. Additional data which will be collected in case of an accident includes GPS data, images and videos from numerous cameras set up on the vehicle. These cameras will provide 360 degree view of the accident area. All the collected data will be encrypted before it was stored in the Crashbox’s storage device. This assures that the driver cannot alter the sensor data, and only authorized people such as the police or experts can have access to the storage device.

here will also be software which will be able to reconstruct the accident from the data collected by the Crashbox. Therefore, accidents can be simulated after it occurred. The software will also be able to generate a standardized accident report.


Location Detection

Compass Detection

Speed Detection

Video Detection