About Visio

Visio Company is a start-up company, which was established by six university students in September 2014, in the form of a partnership. The main goal of the company is to provide practical solutions to the main target markets of universities, institutions, companies and parking lots as a company operating in the security industry. The company by producing License Plate Recognition System aims to convey the values of safety, security and fairness..

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  • Product

    Visio Product is a Licensed Plate Recognition System that provides practical solutions to its customers and end-users. Its primary purpose is to minimize the error margin by the manual operations at the entrances of the universities, factories, and the parking lots. System is designed to recognize the approaching vehicles' licensed plate and simultaneously check it from database in order to decide whether the vehicle is eligible to enter.

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    Per product 2000TL (Camera,Software,Assemblyincluded)

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