What is ParKit?

ParKit is a system that shows the optimal available parking lot, according to students schedule. In order to take advantage from the system, the user must download ParKit application and should login. The application fetches the user’s schedule  from the university database. As the user enters the school , GPS system will activate and send a notification immediately. Throughout this process, the user does not need to perform anything, system avoids distractions while driving.

As the user enters and leaves the parking lot, the capacity of that parking lot will update itself immediately.



What we are doing?

The aim of the project is to provide an empty parking slot to the drivers, which are in the outdoor places. In order to maintain this, the distance sensors are going to be placed both of the entrances and the exits of the parking areas. With the help of the sensor, the number of the cars that have entered and exited the parking lot is going to be count and then the remaining parking lots would be found by the subtraction of counted cars from the total number of places in the parking lot.  This number is going to be transmitted into the database and at the same time. By making a parceling in the larger areas, the number of free spaces would be easily counted.



In the second part of the project, we are going to combine the system with a smart phone application. A user could just access the number of empty spaces from the application when the student enters the university he or she can easily select the place to go from the mobile application and the system would automatically find it from GPS location and match with the SRS course schedule in the database and find the nearest suitable empty places with the help of a notification to the mobile device.