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Epiwrist has been found by 6 shareholders with the aim of producing biomedical products in an innovative way with high quality. The main aim of the firm is to produce biomechanical products for epileptic people to help them live safer, more comfortable lives. The quality of epileptic people’s lives will be increased with the help of our products.

Latest NEWS

Epwrist is now on Trader's Market

The Trader's Conference is held on 15 March, 2011. Epiwrist is presented to the traders and the company met the traders in the cocktail. There was a huge interest to the project, it was a very succesfull experience for us. You can find the stock market in this link:


Epiwrist is in semi finals in MIT Business Plan Competition

Epiwrist Co. entered in the Business Plan Competition of MIT Enterprise Turkey with its product, Epiwrist. On 13th of March, it is announced that Epiwrist project has reached the semi finals. 30 projects have been selected among 3200 in the semi finals. On 19-20th of March, there will be Business Plan workshops in Istanbul which the company workers will attend. We hope it will be very useful and fun.



Epiwrist Co. has presented its new product, Epiwrist to the GE401 instructors and students, on 28.12.2010. The content of the presentation was general information about the company and the project, business and development plans, progress of the project and a demo. The demo was so succesful that Tarık Reyhan said 'It is one of the best demos of today'.



Epiwrist Co. has finished its final report of this semester for the product, Epiwrist. It is the last report of this term and it is available for download.