Our product, MicroDetector, is designed to detect the position of a sound sources like gun and rifle fire.
It includes three microphones, pre-microphone amplifier, 3-channel sound card and software.
The main purpose of the product is to prevent terrorism and provide comfortable environment to
VIP class and facilitate security companies' work. In our daily life, we unfortunately see that martyrization
occurs at border posts and also VIPs such as prime minister, member of parliament or a businessman
who is owner of big company can be subjected to assassination attempts ,so our product is planned for use at
border posts and places where political campaign will be performed.

TDOA for one microphone pair, illustrates
that sound waves arrive at two microphone
at different times.

Using three microphones enable us to gather more information about the
target sound source. Plot on the right illustrates the TDOAs for three
microphones. By using these TDOAs, location of the sound source can be