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One keyword of the new era we're in is with no doubt individualism. In each sector, the market is full of personal products which help the individual to express himself in a free and easy way.

How often do you choose to dress out in order to speak out and express yourself ?

Clothing and other textile products build up a majority of products people use to express out themselves.

List your priorities (price, quality of fabric, brand, design) when buying a garment ?

Pricing of such a product is not a top priority in the customer's point of view. Regardless of the pricing of a garment, the design is the top priority of the customer. With e-shirt, the user can create his own design schemes.

If this product was sold in the market, would you purchase it ?

The current market and the alternatives in it does not satisfy the customer's needs.

Yumurta Technologies encourages investors to take their shares in the huge market of personal clothing industry !