Latest Projects

Key Surf

First and only product of the company for the present is the KeySurf. The KeySurf is an adjustable virtual keyboard designed to be used in various sectors. The KeySurf was designed to make user feel having a surfboard to use on the computerized system. Referring to a surfer who chooses his board according to his own preferences and prefers to customize it, 6sense designed the KeySurf to satisfy customer needs via its adjustability features. There is an out of ordinary, customizable structure claiming to attract different customer types having different needs. The KeySurf also provides users with data security on personal data-based usage. Quality is a significant feature of the product, as well. With the help of the adjustability feature, the usage range of product will be extended. User will feel comfortable to use it in a scientific laboratory while experimenting; in kitchen while cooking or in his personal room while playing a video game. From health to manufacturing sectors, the KeySurf will attain his place in market as the most practical keyboard.