Adesia Tech Changes Strategy
After the Final Presentation in the end of last semester Adesia Tech has decided to change its marketing strategy according to the criticism received. From now on Adesia will be selling not a product to be installed on previously made query systems but will be selling a Queue Management System which will provide efficient solutions to customers.


Easy - Q is a bluetooth product which once integrated into current queue management systems will allow customers to take a walk or shop nearby, while being notified of their current queue number through their cell phones. This is the only free solution for the customers to learn their queue numbers. This product also gives customers who are not in bluetooth range to learn the current queue number and the last queue number taken from the internet and WAP.
Presentation on 10th January


Adesia Tech is giving its second presentation about our product Easy - Q. The presentation that will give information about the product Easy - Q and project's development will take place in FFZ-06 on January 10 at 10:00am.