The Company

Adesia-Tech is a new start-up company operated by 6 recent graduates from the Bilkent University. The graduates have invested 20.000 YTL per person in order to cover the initial expenses that will be incurred during the first operations of the company. The chief executive officer, Doruk Alptekin is a graduate from the department of management and has significant experiences in managing companies in competitive markets. The marketing and sales manager Sezen Isınlık has the potential to create innovative marketing and sales strategies for creating brand awareness among our customers. Anıl Altun is working as the quality manager and has worked for successful companies specialized in total quality management. Emre Candan, the head of software development, and İlker Onur Kaya, the head of system designs have vast amount knowledge and ability to conduct the required software applications for Adesia-Tech. Since research and development is the directing part in software businesses, for managing this department Ateş Can Dumlupınar has been appointed who has a special interest and on new system designs. His social environment is composed of academicians specialized in telecommunication who will guide him through his researches.    



Adesia-Tech has been established for the aim of bringing the best technologies to the service sector by using telecommunication systems and new software. 


Our missionis providing fast and easier operations to service sector. Adesia-Tech intends to create innovative software designs based on research and development studies and customer preferences. Keeping high quality in our technologies is our main focus so Adesia Tech will comply with ISO standards in 2 years. Adesia-Tech aims to be a well-known brand in the market

Company Values

·     Innovative Software Designs                   

·     Durability of Technologies

·     Quick Service

·     Team Player

·     Customer Satisfaction

·     Integration to New Technologies

·     Quality

·     Simple solutions