Easy Queue


Easy - Q is a bluetooth product which once integrated into current queue management systems will allow customers to take a walk or shop nearby, while being notified of their current queue number through their cell phones. This is the only free solution for the customers to learn their queue numbers. This product also gives customers who are not in bluetooth range to learn the current queue number and the last queue number taken from the internet and WAP.


Our product, Easy-Q, is a system designed for helping bank customers to get information about the queues in the bank offices. It is going to be installed on every office of a certain bank in a specified city. (Ex: Türkiye İs Bankası-İstanbul offices). The sales agreements are made city-based, meaning that the banks will purchase one Easy-Q system for only one city.  With Easy-Q people will be able to see the queue number of the bank offices that have signed agreement with Adesia-Tech. Although the current queue systems are used widely in every office, people still experience problems and are unhappy with the never-ending waiting. In order to use Easy-Q, the only condition is that, the user’s mobile phone must have at least one of these connection types: GPRS or Bluetooth™. Moreover, users may reach to the information (address and queue number) about the bank offices with the shortest queues at that moment and the nearest bank offices’ addresses by using their mobile phones. In addition to this system, users may get the same information from the Internet too. It enables people to see the queue number via GPRS and Bluetooth™ even the user is outside of the bank office. So, Easy-Q allows people to choose the least crowded office and decrease their waiting time in that office. Banks also benefit from Easy-Q by transferring some customers in crowded offices to nearby more relaxed offices. Equalizing the number of customers in all of their offices also increases the employee satisfaction and decreases the degree of stress on employees resulted from the crowd.