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The Braino Inc. is the one of the company statewide, disability organization active in Turkey. Braino Electronics was founded in September 2010 with issued capital of 218,500.00 $. This Business Plan sets our strategic, operating, marketing and financial objectives.Vice Presidents of Engineering, Production and R&D are members of Electric and Electronic Engineering Faculty, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing Departments is member of Industry Engineering Faculty, Vice President of Design Department is member of Communication and Design Department. The Braille-Aid is newcomer to the market of the visually impaired people helper. BRAINO is in the start-up position. Our team is composed of six members who are Elif Utku Tunbul, and Aşir Sezgen, students of industrial engineering department, TolgaÇiftçi, Suat Karaova and Emre Aksoy, students of electrical and electronics department, Ezgi Asena Kurt, student of communication and design department.

Vision: Our vision is to provide devices for visiually handicapped people all around the world to let them read what they need in anywhere and at anytime.

Mission: Our mission is to meet all the blind people with Braino to make their life easier than it was in the past in Turkey.



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