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The product that we plan to produce is called Braille Aid. It translates texts that are written in Latin alphabet to the texts written in Braille alphabet, after this translation process the product provides reading option to its users.


It simply turns to the shapes of Braille letters by leading out its needles so that if a visually handicapped person uses this gadget he/she easily reads the text that is wanted to be read.Another matter is how our product will be used. We will design this device to minimize visually handicapped people’s need to someone else. Currently visually handicapped people can use computers via voice directions.


They will only copy and save the texts in a text file. When the users drang and drop the file to the Braille Aid software, the program will work automatically and inform users when it is ready to form the letters. After it informs, the users will put their hands above the pins, via sensors the gadget will understand the user is ready for reading.


Afterwards the device will form the pins according to the text. From the pressure of pins they feel, they will understand which letter is formed. Visually handicapped people will combine these letters and read the text.




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