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01st Apr 2008:

Preliminary presentation for the second semester was done and prototype of our product will be demonstrated next week! For the presentation, please see the "Documents" page.

15th Mar 2008:

Weekly reports will be uploaded from now on in the "Documents" page for the traders to track our development. Weekly reports of the last semester and other documents which were delivered here from the "News" page are also avaliable in the "Documents" page.

11th Mar 2008:

Project Demonstration material is available here:

Check our material in the "Documents" page including Presentation, Commercial, Poster and Photos from the cocktail

10th Mar 2008:

Project Demonstration material which is due to 10 March is coming soon...

02nd Jan 2008:

Final presentation is here!

Final report is also here!

27th Dec 2007:

Final presentation which is due to 2nd January 2008 is coming soon...

24th Dec 2007:

Business Plan grades are announced.

18th Dec 2007:

MS project workshop is done with our members present and significant progress is achieved during the workshop with discussions and opinion sharing taking place among the team members! So here is how our MS project work plan looks like.

11th Dec 2007:

Business Plan is submitted and here our precious Business Plan!

27th Nov 2007:

Preliminary presentation is done today and is submitted: here our preliminary presentation!