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VIBRO-I enables visually impaired to view the world as if they do not have a vision defect by vanishing the cane!
Instead, VIBRO-I only provides a portable accessory to be attached over clothes (which includes the heart of the product: the camera or the sensors serving as an eye) and wrist bands:





bvbefore VIBRO-I vtbnv7mlafter VIBRO-I

Seeing with vibration:


Ergonomics and user comfort has major importance for VIBRO-I:

Major compoonent of the product (except the vibration devices to be worn around wrists) is encapsulated in a special coverage:


For the sensor implementation: does VIBRO-I work?


For the camera implementation:

Vibrator devices on one band denotes all directions according to signals received from the image processing device fixed on the attachment accessory. Devices on the other band vibrate according to signals received from sensors when obstacles encountered which are undetected by the camera.