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 1.0            Executive Summary

Kaizen is founded, as a small company based on creating solutions for the companies that cannot control their fleets efficiently. Kaizen will grow rapidly in the market and take the attention of whole market in a short time period. Kaizen will become the premier destination for all small and big companies that have fleets.

                The Market

Kaizen will be participating in an exciting, growing market. Fleet control systems becoming popular these days and also the number of cars in the company fleets are increasing rapidly. In the century that speed of mobility is increasing continuously, firms need to follow their fleets in order to increase efficiency, productivity and control. The number of cars in Turkey has increased nearly 150% during five years period. In this projection, the market for the control systems will become bigger day by day.

            The Organization

Kaizen is founded on the idea that maintaining satisfied customers is essential to the financial health of the organization. With this in mind, Kaizen will be working hard in order to ensure that all of the customer expectations are answered. To maintain a presence in the market, Kaizen will be active and close relations with costumers.

            Products, Services, and Delivery

Kaizen will have three products in different properties and types in order to fit with consumer needs. Base product is the basic product of Kaizen and it has limited properties. Base product will have lowest cost and it will be seen as the trial edition of Kaizen. Inter product will have some different properties additional to the base product and high level of control capacity. Advanced product has the maximum control capacity with different properties and also become the most important tool for the company.

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