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                Product Definition:

Fleet Tracker System provides to their customers to observe every movement of their fleets while they are abroad by using Global Positioning System, GPS. Tracker combines GPS system with its Tracking Software and its hardware products, which are going to be added to each vehicle of the fleet. Kaizen not only sells tracker systems but also gives fully support to his customers in terms of software upgrades and digital maps.

               System Design:

Fleet tracker is mainly based on Global Positioning System while evaluating the locations of vehicles. The distance taken by each vehicle is also calculated by the summing of the coordinates, which are received by the GPS satellites. The movement process of the vehicles is evaluated by the micro controller chips, which are added inside of the hardware part of the tracker and located inside of each vehicle. The tracking process is done passively so GPS receivers store each data inside of memories and the main software will interpret the data, which is located at the base of the fleets.

Tracker software is designed by Kaizen but only the digital maps are obtained from outside. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems and it is a user-friendly program. The software fetches the stored data from the micro controllerís memory and processes in order to obtain the exact location of the vehicle on the digital map. The synchronization of the PC and micro controller is done by RS232 serial port.

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