Name of Company: Key- Tech Corporation
Status: Corporate (joint stock company), incorporated in September 27th, 2006, in Darica-İzmit. Key-Tech Company is registered in İzmit Trade Office. Shareholders’ liabilities are limited with their shares.
Paid Capital: There are 18 shareholders and they contributed different amounts of capitals to the company. The amount of one share is 1 YTL and the paid-capital is 1.000.000 YTL that means there are 1000000 issued shares. The shares are registered stocks.
Board of Directors: There are six members of Board of Directors and their names are written in incorporation articles.

Omur Gurkan Ugras

Cem Oya Burak
CEO: Ömür Izgili / R&D Manager: Gürkan Gündüz / Sales Manager: Ugras Kaya
Engineering Manager: Cem Çamur / Production Manager: Oya Canli / Financial Manager: Burak Bircan

Controllers: There are two controllers whose responsibilities are listed in Commercial Code Art 353-357. They are elected yearly by general assembly.
General Assembly: It is the highest decision-making organ of the corporation. It is the general meeting of shareholders within 3 months except extraordinary meetings.
Head Office and Factory: Both of them are accommodated in Darica Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, İzmit