SMURFKey-Tech Company will produce wireless MP4 player or video player after November, 2006. This is the first wireless MP4 player in the market. It seems that a new age will start in portable video player sector once our product enters to the market. People can watch videos with their portable devices by connecting them to their personal Productcomputers or televisions without cables. Also they can transfer their personal data to video players and keep them on their own players. Our product is a combination of video technology and RF transmitting technology. Because of this, we named it SMURF (Small Machine Under RF)

Thus, SMURF is:
-A Wireless Media Player ( MP4 Player )
-Portable ( mobile )
-Able to transfer data without cables
-Able to play MP3 and MP4
-Able to share photos, music and videos with TVs and other devices
-Able to keep personal data in its hard-disc