Our Company

R-FInD Solutions was founded in October 2007 with 6 shareholders, also the executive board members of the company; N. Baris Okur, Murat Aydin, Irmak Ozonay, Bilgehan Yurtsever, Ayse Celebi, Can Beneskenazi. Our corporate strategy is making more qualified products according to 6 Sigma and total quality principles with low cost production.


Vision: R-FInD Solutions vision is to become the sector leader in the markets of life easy goods products produced with RFID technology by regarding our Corporate Social Responsibility.


Mission: R-FInDs mission is to increase efficient time in peoples lives with time saver feature of our products. We are promising people to provide them more enjoyable service within a short time. We aim to reach 6 Sgima quality level by improving our scientific technologies researches. We are also planning on to have the ISO9001:2000 quality certificate.


We have based our values on three main factors:

1.Ergonomical: During the design process, we are giving importance to the ergonomical side of our products.

2.Ecological: During the manufacturing process, we are paying attention to the ecological side our products.

3.Ethical: During the marketing process, we are giving importance to ethical values including consumer and labor rights.

You can reach our company chart from this link.