We are currently working on FESST!

R-FInD Solutions is a company that is working on RFID technology. Our current project is FESST which is the shortening of Fast Easy Smart Shopping Trolley.


    R-FIND Solutions will launch to produce smart shopping trolley system to make more efficient shopping opportunities than the traditional shopping trolleys by making innovations on RFID technology. Our fast, easy, smart, shopping trolley which we called FESST, can solve important retailer problems which are queues in front of the cash register desk and stock out problem of products. The problems can be solved by using RFID readers on trolleys and tags on products, these tags and readers can trace the products situations and possible sales during the shopping. Also, FESST provides economic and enjoyable shopping opportunities to shoppers with LCD monitor and smart shopping tracing system that can provide to see total purchase cost and more details about the product during the shopping. Our target customers are retailers which are hypermarkets, supermarkets and discount markets, can offer batches of FESST according to their demands and requirements. These offers can be given directly from our office or dealers around the country.