Our vision is to become an important contributor for greener buildings and a reputable provider for productive working areas.


Our mission is to provide people a healthy environmental lighting system which boosts productivity, increases efficiency in energy use and is easy to use.

Go green!

Conserve energy up to 25% with Aviner Sol’s smart leveling algorithm!

From Aviner Staff

News about Optimal Lighting

As Aviner Lighting Solutions, we believe that optimized lighting is crucial in learning process and therefore everyone should be aware on this. So, we share this news from LEDs Magazine: s Optimized Lighting Conditions Help Students Improve Performance A recent study has demonstrated that artificial lighting simulating daylight was able to increase concentration and cognitive

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Product Description: Aviner Sol

Aviner Sol is an automated lighting optimizer which keeps the illumination level of the environment it operates at the optimal level for the task that is getting done.It provides the user scientifically proven preset lighting profiles.  In addition to that it is possible for the user to create a customized lighting profile by his choice. Aviner

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Application Preview

Hold on! It is about to finish. As the controlling of lighting systems are going to be done with a mobile application, this is how our application will look like:   Let us explain that how it works. Our Product, Aviner Sol, gives its user the opportunity to control its functions by a touch based

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